Looking For Mr Wrong

Looking for Mr Wrong by Philip Virgil Jenkinson

How would you handle a relationship breakup just when your career is nose-diving? What would you do if you looked into the mirror one morning and realised that you were Mr Wrong? Or you were conned into marrying one?

Looking for Mr Wrong is an Australian located story that could have occurred anywhere in the world. It’s the tale of an unhappily married man who meets a wild single woman with dramatic, explosive, and life-changing consequences.

Looking for Mr Wrong - Female Character

Set in Sydney and Adelaide, along with plenty of little places in between, it’s a gritty, edgy contemporary thriller that sometimes amuses, often shocks, and always entertains, told in the pacey, urgent style favoured by the author. Roman Jones looked in the mirror one morning and discovered the painful truth… that far from being Mr Right… he was actually Mr Wrong. He should have just asked his wife Peg, it would have saved a lot of time.

This is the story of one man’s journey of extreme U-turns from blandness to boldness and one woman who introduces him to risks, rewards and renewal. Full of twists and surprises throughout, the intensity rises as the story unfolds, with Roman Jones and his lover diving head first into a new life but having to deal with the collateral damage brought about by the sins of their past endeavours.

Looking for Mr Wrong - In the headlights

‘Looking for Mr Wrong’ is an off-beat romantic thriller about risky new beginnings. It’s for those of us who sometimes dream of more fulfilment and enjoyment, without all the boring complications of everyday life. But life’s not like that, and extreme excitement comes at a high price.

It’s a suspense packed ‘rom-con’ with action, adventure, and a large dose of hilarity thrown in.