Natural Causes

Natural Causes By Philip Virgil Jenkinson

What would you do if you could afford to keep on adding to your lifespan? What ethical dilemmas would you brush aside? What would you do to people who stood in your way? Set in Sydney and the Hunter Valley of Australia, Mumbai, India, and the Black Forest region of Germany, ‘Natural Causes’ is a gritty, edgy thriller that sometimes amuses, often shocks, and always entertains. It’s for those who accept scientific plausibility, like a good rollicking conspiracy theory, appreciate bursts of Tarantino-style violence, and who prefer their stories told with pace. The promise of extending life spans and curing deadly diseases through the use of fast-growth human cloning is a grand ideal. However, Tiberius Doyle stumbles upon a conspiracy of unauthorised scientific experimentation that will only benefit the chosen few, and lead to the deaths of dozens of innocent people along the way. © Melinda Nagy. Used with permission - Dreamstime free photo 12 Aug 2014The‘PLF’ is conducting an illegal human cloning project pitched at individuals from ‘the big end of town’. It’s secretly funded by large pharmaceutical companies eager for a taste of the action of what can only be described as THE industry of the 21st Century and beyond… human cloning. Complete and as parts. The research is clandestine, the price tag is exorbitant, the ethics are definitely in question, and the marketing is by invitation only. Tibe’s a successful entrepreneur with a taste for adventure and a large suitcase full of emotional baggage. His new girlfriend is way out on the edge with her own troubles and his close mates are a motley crew with a shared interest in pool and a fondness for their good friend Tibe. There’s a nightclub manager, estate agent, DJ, tax auditor, electrician, bond trader, nutritional biochemist and advertising creative. Together they unwittingly end up taking on the cashed-up PLF cartel that will stop at nothing to move beyond trials and get the human clone harvesting production lines rolling.

It’s hard-hitting action and suspense, with a powerful ‘never saw that coming’ ending.