Sarah W review of Natural Causes

I found it very hard to put down. Indeed, I read it in just four days. Thank you so much. Virg, you have a definite hit on your hands! ...
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Natural Causes review by Brian C.

A lot of the elements of a good thriller are here. an exciting plot line, interesting characters, a love affair, close friendships, betrayal, evil and good ...
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Natural Causes review by Oscar M.

I’m astounded that you haven’t yet been published by a mainstream publisher. Natural Causes reads like its’ blockbuster title suggests. It’s a sexy, action-packed roller-coaster ride into the secret world of human cloning. I can’t wait for the movie! ...
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What a book! – Looking for Mr Wrong

Fantastic read, I just couldn't put it down! And I don't usually read much, so it was a very pleasant surprise. PVJ certainly puts together an all-action story with plenty of dark suspense ...
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Review of Natural Causes by Francis F

“It’s quick but there is a lot of variation of pace. There are times when people are sitting round chatting… or eating pizza and having a laugh… and other times they’re running for their lives. You’re allowed to catch your breath… and then you’re off again.” A Q&A with F.F., Sydney, Australia. Interviewer: Lindy Jenkinson. LJ1) Francis, you’ve read NATURAL CAUSES recently as part of a limited pre-release test. Who do you think would enjoy reading it? FF1) I guess a person who is interested in thrillers, conspiracy theories, action, adventure, and science fiction. It’s quick but there is a ...
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BD’s Natural Causes review

“From the pumping and grinding of Sydney’s best nightclubs to the mountains of the Black Forest in Bavaria, the book introduces the reader to a range of characters and personalities that epitomises human nature.” Review of Natural Causes by B.D., Sydney, Australia. Once I managed to keep up with the fast paced nature of the story line, I found myself immersed in the complicated playboy life of Tiberius Doyle. Running along to the Beats of the clock, the reader has to concentrate and keep up with Tibe’s fast paced life in order not to be left behind. The lifestyle of ...
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Simone & Matt’s review of Looking for Mr Wrong

"'Looking for Mr Wrong' is a fast-paced book, there is always something happening and it is well written… meaning that there are no boring parts to wade through, which is really important for me because I read at the pace of a snail!" - Matt F. Review of LFMW by Simone and Matt F., Sydney, Australia. MT: You know how when you read some books, It gives an insight into the mind of the author? Books like George Orwel’s animal farm for instance. Well, this is a book about sex, drugs and rock and roll… SF: Seriously though, in the ...
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Looking for Mr Wrong Trailer

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New trailer for Natural Causes

Watch the brand new, exciting trailer for Natural Causes! Like it, share it,
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Natural Cuases Front Cover by Philip Virgil Jenkinson

Looking for Mr Wrong Front Cover by Philip Virgil Jenkinson